I think there are some people who can easily go to a super public bath even if they can’t go on a hot spring trip. Among such super public baths, this time we will introduce Spa World in Osaka, which is extremely popular in Kansai.

Spa World is attractive because it is easily accessible by train from the downtown area of ​​Osaka, Namba, and can be reached on foot. Also, because it is open 24 hours a day, it is also useful as a place of relaxation for those who are tired of drinking or who missed the last train.

Enjoy without getting bored

At Spa World, you can enjoy a bath with different orientations for each of the 15 themes for both men and women.

The image of the world’s baths is that you can enjoy the hot springs without getting tired of the ancient Roman baths, Balinese style, Japanese baths such as mountain stream open-air baths and cypress.

Evolving super public bath