How to enjoy more than just a full-body bath

It is common to take a full-body bath soaked up to your shoulders, but there are many ways to enjoy it.

If you change the bathing method according to your physical condition and taste, it will become even more attractive.

Half-body baths and footbaths can reduce the burden on the heart compared to full-body baths, so when you are weak or

Recommended when you want to enjoy the hot springs easily. Half-body baths and footbaths are also effective in promoting blood circulation.

A walking bath that combines hot springs and exercise therapy is effective for autonomic imbalance and poor circulation.

It doesn’t put a strain on your legs because you just walk at the water level of your calf.

I think there are many people who use the shower at home on a daily basis.

Waterfall-like hot water is applied to the shoulders and neck to stimulate nerves, soften muscles, and loosen stiffness.