Hot springs have long been an indispensable healing presence in Japanese life.

Hot spring in happy efficacy There are a lot of.

Some of the benefits that you can generally get by taking a hot spring are as follows.

・ Fatigue recovery

·muscle pain

·Stiff shoulder

・ Low back pain

・ Neuralgia

・ Cold sensitivity

·Health Promotion

Did you know that hot springs are effective against specific diseases according to the quality and composition of the hot springs?

If you suffer from the following symptoms, it is a good idea to rely on the healing effects of hot springs.

・ Hydrogen carbonate spring-diabetes

・ Carbonated spring, baking soda spring-gastrointestinal disease

・ Tetsusen-Anemia

・ Sulfur spring-beautiful skin

・ Acid spring-athlete’s foot, skin disease

The benefits of hot springs may not be enough to completely cure illnesses and injuries,

I’m glad that I can borrow the healing power of nature while being healed.